Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A wonderful sound

Ess' squealing laugh from the other room, where her beloved daddy, now returned from work, is making faces at her.

She's still got a slight fever and a pathetic little cough, but she is much improved. Though she still refuses to be put down, at least she is content with D, and not just me. And I'm grateful he was able to get out of work early and join the sick parade.

And due to her three-hour nap this afternoon(!) I was able to snooze for an hour myself and watch all of Ordinary People, which I'd never seen before. (Good flick, to which American Beauty, The Ice Storm and especially Good Will Hunting owe a sizable debt -- the Robin Williams character in the latter basically is Judd Hirsch from Ordinary People.) I find it curious that having a sick baby allowed me to give myself permission to laze around the house and watch a movie, rather than bustling about doing various things. Not that I want her to be sick more often, but it was a pretty decent way to spend a day.

Now, if she will only sleep tonight...