Saturday, November 18, 2006

Teh Internets sure are quiet today

And that's a bummer, because I have caught Ess' cold and am moping around feeling crummy. On top of which there is a shortage of reading material 'round here... especially if you pretend not to notice those New Yorkers stacked up next to the couch.

D and I had a long talk/discussion/argument this morning on topics I should really write about -- ye olde gender roles, division of labor, time for fun, alone time, money, etc. (boy, now that I look at the list I think we took every discussion we ever had and rolled it into one omnibus version, complete with a prologue of "make the baby nervous because she hears the tension in your voices"). But I am totally lacking in energy and will have to write about it anon.

And I think this counts as my lamest NaBloPoMo post yet.