Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Things I am not complaining about today, because I am done with the complaining:

~Ess' horrid sleep schedule. (Is it really that horrid? Or do I just really, really like my sleep?)
~Her incredibly sharp nails, which I should be filing right now as she sleeps, instead of blogging and stuff.
~The fact that I am totally freaking out about how I am going to function when I return to work next week. (I am not so much opposed to going back to work as I am concerned about my ability to write a coherent sentence, or think an intelligible thought, when I get there.)
~The dog's whining when Ess cries.
~The other dog's soon-to-resume habit of peeing on the dining room rug.
~The fact that money is so incredibly tight these days, with no end in sight.
~The sweaty, gross nature of one's body when it is 80+ degrees outside, you spend most of the nursing and/or wearing the baby in a sling and you avoid turning on the AC due to the aforementioned finances.

Wah, wah, wah, poor me. I am starting to bore even myself with this whininess. And this on a day when teh Internets offer me a sanctioned whining location! The nerve of me. Perhaps I'll go file Ess' nails so as to avoid the middle of the night cursing that occurs when she grips me with those talons.